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1-1 Sessions

You can register privately with 1-1 sessions at House of Smarana.


Somatic Breath Meditation 
60 or 90 Minutes

Breath is the reflection of our inner world. We breathe to return to our own essence, to reach our inner child, to remember ourselves. Our breath is a reflection of our soul and our sacred inner world. Breathing is the foundation of every mindfulness practice. Breath allows us to go deep into the emotions and the subconscious. It is a tool that is always with us. The relationship we will establish with our breath; It enables us to establish new ways in our brain and mind, to calm the mind, to slow down, to understand our emotions and to take control of our body. Somatic Breathing Therapy is a two-stage pranayama breathing technique that is applied in a controlled and meditative way. Breathing removes the blockages in our body, activates the vibration and frequency in the body by traveling between the chakras and the nervous system. Memories, usually traumas, settle deep in our subconscious and become a part of our brain and body. These memories can be so strong that our body physically stores these feelings and experiences. Our mind can forget what happened, block it and bury it in our subconscious, but our body never forgets. With our breath, we go beyond our logic and consciousness and reach the somatic body, where feelings cannot be expressed in words. A private one-on-one Somatic Breath Meditation Session includes sound meditation, rejuvenation, somatic touch and Reiki.

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Somatic Body Map & Energy Clearing 
60 Minutes

We have suppressed the needs of our physical body, both emotionally and physically. In the Energy Clearing and Body Map creation session, we begin to establish a dialog with our physical body. One of the important elements of the empowerment and healing process is to call upon your body to assist you and to be a resource. Trauma Specialist Babette Rothschild recommends connecting with your body as if it were a diary. Start by listening to yourself and paying attention to what your body is trying to show. Maybe we feel it as a tension in our shoulder, a pain in our back, or an energetic knot in our throat. Our bodies want to be seen and heard. As we ignore our body; tries to contact us through tension, chronic pain, or psychosomatic illness. Every physical/chronic pain can contain suppressed emotions, memories forgotten by the mind, and traumas.


In the Somatic Body Map & Energy Clearing Session, we will begin to communicate with our physical body, that is, we will become aware of our body. We start our session with a supportive conversation and then bring our awareness to our body (using the chakra system and energy channel networks). Then, with the help of Somatic exercises, Reiki and Breath, we regulate the nervous system and release the trapped energy in the body.


Reiki is a word of Japanese origin and "rei" means universal and "ki" (霊気) means vital life force energy found in all living organisms. Reiki is an ancient healing technique of Japanese origin and is applied with the help of soft touches. This method helps to tone the nervous system and balance the energetic and cellular body. During this balancing, deep relaxation, revitalization and the body's ability to heal and renew itself emerge. Reiki helps cells return to their original state, remove energy blockages, release limitations, and regulate the flow of Qi or energy.

To book a private session with Natalie

with Natalie Garih
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