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Gong Bath with Can
Gong Bath with Can

10 Tem Çar


Smarana Healing

Gong Bath with Can

Join Can Dedeoğlu for a 45 minutes of intensive gong bath.

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Saat ve Yer

10 Tem 2024 08:00 – 8:50

Smarana Healing, Arnavutköy, Beyazgül Sk. No:32, 34345 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Türkiye

Etkinlik Hakkında

Join Co-Founder of Soundala Theraphy Can Dedeoğlu, for a 45 minutes of intensive gong bath.

About Can: 

In the sound field of Soundala Therapy since 2017, Can deals with technical, aesthetic, performance and timbre aspects.

Graduated from  Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department,  he continued MA studies on composition at Kraków Music Academy.  

He tries to meld his interest in many fields of sound and music in one pot and works as a freelance composer/musician.

He combined the sound experiments he has been doing since 2007 with meditation practices. Now he shares all his experience in the meditation and sound retreats, individual sessions, and group sessions. At the same time, he just finished the Music Therapist Certificate program.

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