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Hippocrates Health Educator, Medical Astrologer, and a PSYCH-K® Facilitator


"I have been passionately ambitious about questioning nutrition and healthy lifestyle since my childhood. Along my journey I have realized that the underlying reasons of our unhappiness and physical conditions stem from our acquired habits. Habits of mind and body which was required to change by our souls.

This realization made me focus on deeper studies on a healthier life dream and vision.

My longing for deeper knowing led me to the Hippocrates Health Institute in the US and I became a Hippocrates Health Educator. In addition to that, I have focused and specialized in Raw Food and Growing Living Food.

Based on my previous learnings and my personal transformation I became even more curious

about providing holistic support to others and I started expanding my knowledge in other parts of the human system. I have mastered Reiki, Reflexology, and Iridology. Then I simultaneously took Osho's Family Constellation Trainings, PSYCH-K® Basic, PSYCH-K® Pro and PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration Workshops and then completed Medical Astrology Education which gave me a wide perspective and understanding to approach holistic wellbeing.

As a Hippocrates Health Educator, Medical Astrologer, and a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I help individuals and groups by showing them when they change their eating habits towards a stronger body and peaceful mind, they will discover a new way to achieve their life goals by designing a bright new life. I provide guidance by offering and setting various alternative programs to achieve this healthy lifestyle from nutrition counselling to facilitating sessions to help individuals change their subconscious beliefs that limit them towards their goals.

I conduct and generate individual studies and projects for institutions on holistic wellness hospitality approach, provide nutrition consultancy to restaurants and hotels how to create and sustain healthy menus, teach juicing. I also conduct projects and studies on adult wellness and children wellness for hotels and hospitality facilities. I organize workshops for children and adults (individually and/or together) on Healthy Life, Juice & Detox, Living Foods & Sprouts and Astrology.

And I am truly aware that mastery in any area requires a never-ending curiosity and learning, and I am still learning..."

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