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Return policy

The prices of the products on our site include VAT and Shipping.

If the system in question cannot perform the transaction due to any problem, our visitor is informed of this situation as a result of the payment page. After your credit card payment is approved, your order will be prepared and shipped.


Currently we only deliver within Turkey. Your orders are processed within 1-3 business days and will reach you in approximately 1-7 days after they are processed and shipped.

As soon as your orders are shipped, an email with your shipping tracking information will be sent to you. Please allow 1-3 business days for your shipping tracking information after placing your order.

Some orders may be delayed due to COVID-19.

When the product reaches the address by cargo; It is recommended that the product be inspected and received in front of the cargo officer. Since our products are insured, the compensation for damages incurred during transportation belongs to the cargo company. If the product is damaged, you must have the officer draw up a report and return the product to the same cargo company.


In order to cancel your purchase made with a credit card, you must send an e-mail to within the same day. It will be enough to send the Shopping Order Code.

  • With exceptional circumstances reserved; without opening/destroying/destroying the packaging of the product you have purchased, without using the product, within fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery, as you receive it within fourteen (14) days of completing the withdrawal form regulated in the Distance Contracts Regulation or in a clear withdrawal statement e-mail address or Ulus Mahallesi Yelken Sk. No: 7/2 Beşiktaş/İstanbul. In addition, you can use your right of withdrawal within the period from the establishment of the distance sales contract to the delivery of the product.

  • You must deliver the product to us via Yurtiçi Kargo within 10 (ten) days from the date of the declaration of withdrawal. If the product is not returned to us within this period, the right of withdrawal request will be deemed invalid.

  • The contracts regarding the products for which the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised are listed below:

  1. a) contracts for the delivery of perishable or expired goods or disposable products;

  2. b) the goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; contracts for the delivery of those whose return is unsuitable in terms of health and hygiene, and

  3. c) Contracts for goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature

  • The product price will be refunded within fourteen (14) days from the time the returned product reaches us.

  • The products must be in the weights specified on the package and may have different volumes depending on the product feature. Volume differences are not considered a reason for return. You can request information about the product from the specified e-mail.

  • Open and check the packages that you think have been damaged during shipment in front of the company representative (Cargo company) from which you received them. If there is any damage to the product, do not take delivery of the product by keeping a record with the cargo company. Do not forget that you have accepted that the cargo company has fully fulfilled its duty after the product is received.

  • Accessory etc. any deterioration, breakage, tearing, destruction, use etc. In cases where situations are detected and the product is not returned as it was delivered to the customer, the product will not be returned and the price will not be refunded. 

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